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Removable Media Control and Encryption
Access control for all Ports and all Devices
Every Endpoint Managed and Audited 
File type blocking and copying restriction control
Logging of all files read from or downloaded to devices
CD/DVD Encryption and Media white lists
Anti Tampering Agents
AD and Novell Synchronisation
Offsite device use and file tracking logged for auditing
Wi Fi Access Management
Hardware and Software Key logger detection


Safend Auditor

Free Install
Reports on all devices currently and historically connected
End point specific reports
Can be used to generate granular policies
Gain visibility of all your endpoints incl Wi Fi, USB, PCMCIA etc
Clientless – runs without endpoint client required
Easy to read XML and HTML reports 
Precise Device identification for vulnerability assessment
Discovers which Wi Fi networks endpoints were connected to
No effect on network performance reports in minutes



Hard Disk Encryption


Full Disk encryption for Laptops, Desktop and Tablet Computers
256-bit AES encryption  
Periodic Check-in can disable lost or stolen Laptops
Administrator and Self Service Recovery Features
100% transparent encryption/decryption
Power Failure protection on encryption
Unnoticeable performance impact




Award-winning secure two-factor authentication
Seemless operation in mixed OS network
M2M Architecture for minimal resource usage
Detailed access logs and reports for auditing




Award-winning secure two-factor authentication
Remotely managed authentication
Quick to implement: no new hardware or software to install
Low cost & reduced technical burden




Add Two-Factor Authentication to existing custom applications
Embed in existing applications
Fits any environment
Only solution of its kind on the market




Gain network access with pyhsical token
Generate a new one-time password for every network login attempt
Both Hardware and Software tokens available
Tokens available for BlackBerry devices




Bi-directional access to mainframe-PC data
Selective and structured transfer of host data
High compression of transferred data
Changed data capture and syncronisation
Use of SQL to retrieve data from non-SQL source
Easy host access from the Internet



Featured Product


Safend Protector


Intuitive and tamper-proof endpoint monitoring, device identification, and blocking based on administrator-defined policies. Protects all local, physical and wireless communications ports.

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